Grace Presbyterian Church’s Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The Session at Grace Church understands that the ministry of Word & Sacrament must continue for the spiritual nourishment / encouragement of God’s Covenant people and for the proclamation of the Gospel to those outside of Christ, especially during these times of fear and uncertainty.  Therefore the Session at Grace Church has provided the means for members and visitors to Grace Church to be under this ministry in the following manner:

  • Main Sanctuary:  The main sanctuary is open for public worship and is mask optional.  You are encouraged to practice social distancing by maintaining the proper 6 foot distance.  Families are encouraged to sit together.
  • West Wing:  The west wing of Grace Church will have live audio & video simulcast of the worship service and is open only for those who wear masks at all times.  Seating is arranged appropriately and the Lord’s Supper is served by a member of the Session.
  • Considerations:  We ask that if you have been experiencing any symptoms that might be related to Covid-19 to refrain from coming until you are deemed safe.  Our bodies are frail and we are still prone to the common cold, allergies, the occasional cough, and other more ‘benign’ conditions.  If you or your children happen to have a flare of any of these symptoms, please consider stepping outside of the sanctuary until they subside as a courtesy to others.  We appreciate your understanding.
  • Click here for streaming of Lord’s Day services

The Lord calls His people to worship on the Lord’s Day and to encourage each other with Psalms, Hymns, Spiritual Songs,  & your physical presence.  Please join us each Lord’s Day at 10:30 am and 5:00 pm.  If circumstances are such that you are unable to be physically present, please join us for our live stream at the appropriate times.

Who is Grace Presbyterian Church?  We are a God-centered church.  We believe that we exist to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.  For that reason, when we gather to worship, our services focus on God and His desires, not man and our desires.

Likewise we also believe worship ought to be performed as God has commanded, therefore from start to finish we seek to be Biblical in worship.

Because worship is the central purpose of the Christian life, everything we do flows out of it:  our discipleship, evangelism, and fellowship all flow from a desire to glorify and enjoy our God!

What to Expect


Encouraged by a multi-ethnic demographic, we are a fellowship of believers spanning the ages from infancy to the elderly who eagerly extend a kind welcome to friends and visitors in the name of Jesus Christ.


As the people of God we gather to worship the one true and holy God with reverence and awe (Hebrews 12:28-29).  Because of the new and living way available to us through the torn flesh and shed blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, we approach his presence with joy and thanksgiving.


The goal of our preaching is to glorify our great and holy God.  God-centered preaching must necessarily be focused on Christ, for it’s only through Jesus Christ that we can come to know and love God.  The Bible teaches us that Jesus Christ is the sum and substance of all the Scriptures, therefore “We proclaim Him” from the whole of the Bible.